Rosie Girl

Rosie Girl is not a story for the faint-of-heart. Rosie Girl is a story about a girl named Rosie. Rosie’s dad dies and she lives with her step-mother and her boyfriend, Judd. Things are not okay at Rosie’s house. She decides to try to find her birth-mother who she recently discovered is still alive. Rosie does everything and anything she can to get enough money to see her mother. She even relies on her best-friend, Mary. Mary and Rosie turn-tricks to save money. The two go on a journey together to try to find Rosie’s mother when they can.

Rosie Girl is a guilty-pleasure for me. The story is dark. Rosie’s life at home is enough easy. Rosie does illicit sexual activities for money. Rosie has very few people to rely on except for her best-friend, Mary. There is a lot going on with Mary as well.

I liked this book because of the main character, Rosie. Rosie is the center of the story. You support her. You want her to win despite everything that is going on.

Now, you might wonder what I think of this book now that I’ve finished it compared to my initial thoughts? Well, in my TBR I wrote about how I thought the book would be a play on the Cinderella trope. This book is much darker than that. This book is nothing like I anticipated in my TBR. The relationship between Rosie and Mary is also very strange.

I really enjoyed this book despite the dark themes in it. I give this book a 8/10 rating. It is worth the read.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

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