My thoughts and opinions on… “Summer in the Invisible City”


So, here I am. Finally. I haven’t updated with a book review in a long time. I was really busy with a lot of things that kept on chasing me day-in-and-day-out. However, the truth is I was reading. Really and truly.

I read whenever I need time to relax, to breathe, or to get out of my own head. I read a bunch of books that I loved to read. I read a bunch of books that I had a luke-warm reaction to despite initial hopes about the book. Regardless of all that, I will update this blog more often with my book reviews.

They’re coming. Don’t worry.

Now, let’s get to this book at hand. The novel is named, “Summer in the Invisible City.” The novel was written by the author who is named Juliana Romano. This was the first book of hers that I read. So, how do I feel about it?

In all honesty I think that this book was all right. It wasn’t a terrible book but it wasn’t a spectacular, home-run-straight-to-the-stands type of book either. I loved the main character who was named Sadie Bell. Sadie was thoughtful, smart, and different than many other characters that I read about in other novels. However, the pace of “Summer in the Invisible City” was slow. I wanted to read about more drama. I wanted “lights, camera, action!” What I got were some black-and-white photos in a dark room.

What am I talking about? In “Summer in the Invisible City” Sadie is into Photography. In the novel, Sadie takes an extra elective summer-class at her school about Photography. Sadie’s interest in photo drives her actions throughout the whole novel. Then, there Sadie’s father. Sadie’s father is out of the picture. But she tries to start a relationship with him when he visits New York City in the summer. Still, things don’t turn out like Sadie plans for them to do so.

Finally, there is Sam. The heart-and-soul of this book for me is Sadie-and-Sam. I love the two of them together. I love the two’s natural chemistry. I love the spark between them. By the end of the book the two had an intense connection… but the end of the book was left in an open-ended way. I hated that.

So, what rating do I give this book?

I give this book 3-star rating.

This novel was good. But I wanted more from the author, Juliana Romano.

All right. That’s all for now. I hope you stay tuned to what’s coming next.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

12 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… “Summer in the Invisible City””

  1. I loved this book. It sucks that you didn’t like it. I’m interested to see your opinion on the other Juliana Romano book that you read.

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