My thoughts and opinions on… “My Life with the Walter Boys”


Hi, there. I hope you are all doing all right during this COVID-19 pandemic. I have spent most of my time focused on school…. and on reading. I don’t update here too often but I plan to change that very soon. I’ve read a lot of great books out there that I want to talk to you about on here. One of the books on that list is named, “My Life with the Walter Boys.” The book is a novel by the author who is named Ali Novak.

Let’s talk.

“The Life with the Walter Boys” is a fun and a well-written story. The book is about a girl who is named Jackie. Jackie owns zero pairs of jeans. Jackie hates it when things get out-of-her-control. However, suddenly, her whole life changes.

Jackie’s parents and her sister die in a car accident. This means that Jackie is sent to live with the Walter family…. a family of twelve boys (well, eleven boys and one girl, but the girl is so similar to her brothers that she counts as a “Walter boy” anyway).

Everything in Jackie’s life is different than it was before when she lives with the Walters. Jackie’s rules go out the window. The boys (and the one girl) give Jackie a run-for-her-money. But can Jackie survive in the Walter boys’ world?

Jackie does. However, the star (or perhaps, “the stars,” is more apt) of this book are the eleven Walter boys and the single Walter girl. Novak is a talented writer. She doesn’t have the room to write pages and pages describing each Walter boy in minute detail. However, she writes enough about the boys in the limited amount of space that she has on hand. She does a good job of showing the readers who the different Walter boys are to each other. Each boy that she writes about has his own opinions, his own interests, and his own idiosyncrasies.

There’s more to this novel then the group of “Walter boys.” In the novel, Jackie is in a love-triangle between two of the “Walter boys” in the Walter family. The two boys are named Cole Walter and Alex Walter. Cole and Alex are very different from one another. Cole loves being in the lime-light. Alex loves to relax and to play video games. Jackie likes both of the boys…. but which one is the right one for her to choose from?

This book was a great read. I loved the interaction between Jackie and the Walter boys. Those moments were the moments that made the book shine bright. However, one thing that I didn’t like about the book was how Jackie’s emotions were portrayed when it came down to the death of her parents and the death of her sister. Jackie’s family died horribly in a freak car accident…. however, Jackie’s reaction to the death of her family isn’t a center-point of the story. We never delve into Jackie’s thoughts on the matter for long. This decision by Novak is a huge hole in the story in my opinion.

So, do I think you should read, “My Life with the Walter Boys” by Ali Novak? The answer is a definitive, “yes.”

There is one more thing to note. The author, Ali Novak, started this book on an on-line writing community that is known as, “Wattpad.” She later changed her on-line story. In time it became the original novel that is named, “My Life with the Walter Boys.”

I don’t think that this affects the story in any way. Novak is a skilled writer. This book is a good one. Overall, I give it a 4-star rating. I loved it.

The next book that I will write about on here is the book that is named, “First there was Forever.” “First there was Forever” is a book by the author who is named Juliana Romano. It looks like a promising read.

You should stop by again soon to see what else I have in store for you.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

10 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… “My Life with the Walter Boys””

  1. It would be crazy to live with so many boys under-one-roof. I want to read about how the author manages to give the boys their own personality when the story has to keep moving. Nice post.


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