Book News: Sarah Dessen’s novel named “Along for the Ride” is now a Netflix movie

Have you heard of Sarah Dessen? Sarah Dessen is a popular Young Adult writer. She has written books like “That Summer,” “Dreamland,” and “The Truth About Forever.” Dessen also wrote the book, “Along for the Ride.” Now, “Along of Ride” is a movie that will be out on Netflix… just in the time for the summer season.

“Along for the Ride” is a book about a girl named Auden West. West just finished her senior year in high-school. She will head to college in the fall. West decides to spend her last summer before college at her father’s home in a town named Colby.

West has difficulty sleeping. On one sleepless night she decides to explore the town of Colby where she stays with her father. That night she meets a boy named Eli. And her whole life is never the same.

The actress named Emma Pasarow plays “Auden West.” The actor named Belmont Cameli plays “Eli.”

This is what the author who is named Sarah Dessen has to say about the Netflix film: “I am so happy that ‘Along for the Ride’ is now a new Netflix film. The directors and producers of the movie decided that they are going to film right in North Carolina. I am excited for this. And speechless. Nothing could make me happier.”

The movie, “Along of the Ride,” will be out on Netflix on Friday, April 22.

This is great news for Sarah Dessen. Will you be tuning in to see this film in April?

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

10 thoughts on “Book News: Sarah Dessen’s novel named “Along for the Ride” is now a Netflix movie”

  1. I love these book-to-movie adaptations. They really bring what is written on the white page to life. I will definitely check-out “Along for the Ride” when it comes out.


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