My thoughts and opinions on… Pandemonium


I read a book a few months ago named Delirium. Delirium is a book written by the woman named Lauren Oliver. It is the first book in a trilogy. Recently, I read the second sequel to the book named Pandemonium. I really enjoyed the book named Pandemonium. Let me tell you more about both and why I enjoyed Pandemonium as much as I did after I finished the book.

First, let’s review the plot to Delirium. In Delirium, a girl named Magdalena (Lena) Haloway is about to go through a procedure that will stop her from falling-in-love. In Lena’s world, love is viewed as a disease. It is deliria.

People believe that deliria is an old-fashioned concept. It does not have a place in the modern world. It makes you irrational, angry, and out-of-control.

On the day that Lena is supposed to be matched to her future husband she meets a boy named Alex. Alex is a part of the resistance to this anti-love society. Lena instantly falls-in-love with Alex.

The two’s relationship leads her down a different path than she anticipated. She escapes from her hometown and does not get the procedure done that will remove love from her psyche. She rebels instead. Sadly, Alex does not manage to escape into the Wilds with her. She enters the Wilds alone.

In the sequel named Pandemonium, Lena no longer lives in the city of Portland. She lives in the Wilds. She is a part of the resistance that is trying to change society so that people can love freely again. Lena faces hardship-after-hardship as a resistance member. Still, she does find love again with a boy named Julian Fineman. However, it is hard for her and for Julian to reach safety in the scary and the dangerous world that she lives in.

I really like this book. One of the reasons why I liked it is because the main character named Lena is a brave and a strong woman. Lena is a good example of a smart, a capable, and a tough person who feels intensely about things and about people. She discards the old things that she was taught about deliria and embraces a life with love. I like books with characters in them who are able to overcome obstacles and immense levels of pressure and manage to strive for the life that they truly want… people like Lena.

I also liked this book because I like to read books with the element of love in it. In Delirium, Lena falls-in-love with Alex. That love moves her to make bold and daring decisions. However, something happens to Alex in the first novel. As a result, he is barely in the sequel named Pandemonium.

In Pandemonium, Lena falls-in-love with a new boy named Julian Fineman. I found Lena and Julian to be a sweet couple. The two face much together… and despite the challenges that they face the two persevere. They survive. Lena and Julian rely on each. The two are able to fight and to reach safety with one another.

The next thing that I liked about this book are the chapters where Lena discovers that her mother is alive. Lena’s mother was not a full supporter of the new government regime and was taken away when Lena was ten-years-old. Lena always thought that she was dead… but she discovers that her mother lives.

I want to learn more about Lena’s mother. I hope that in Requiem there will be more chapters that showcase Lena’s relationship with her mother.

Overall, I give Pandemonium a full 5-star rating. I enjoyed this book despite the book’s dark tone and the dark world that Lena lives in. I will definitely pick-up the last book in the series to find out what happens to Lena, Alex, and Julian. I am also eager to see who Lena ends-up with.

So the question stands: are you an Alex-girl? Or are you a Julian-girl? And, no, this is not a re-hash of the Edward vs. Jacob debate (since Edward always wins.)

So who do you think should win Lena’s heart in the Requiem… the next book in the trilogy?

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

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