Book News: Check-out these great “Smart Girl’s Guides” from American Girl

American Girl is a popular brand of iconic dolls.

American Girl sells many different kinds of dolls… from historical dolls to modern day look-alike dolls. American Girl also makes books that tell a story of the lives of the different historical dolls.

Finally, American Girl sells books that are meant for young girls to teach them different life lessons that will help them as they get older.

Those books are named “Smart Girl’s Guide” books. Here are a few of the “Smart Girl’s Guide” books that are out there: Tough Stuff, Making a Difference, Knowing What to Say, and Race and Inclusion.

These books are great for young girls. They can help them to figure out life and all the things that they may encounter as they get older.

It seems like American Girl knows what it’s doing.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

8 thoughts on “Book News: Check-out these great “Smart Girl’s Guides” from American Girl”

  1. I loved American Girl when I was a kid. A have a few of the American Girl dolls. I think my kid will like these books, too.


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