My thoughts and opinions on… “Well Played”


“Well Played” is the next book that I have read recently. It is written by the author who is named Jen DeLuca. “Well Played” is a semi-sequel to DeLuca’s first book named, “Well Met.” It is a semi-sequel because it tells the story of a side character from “Well Met” who was not the main character of that book.

“Well Played” is similar to “Well Met” because the main character in “Well Played” volunteers at a local Renaissance Fair. The Renaissance Fair background adds a touch of color and a touch of life to the book.

“Well Played” is all about Stacey Lindholm. Stacey is a fun girl. She’s the girl who always has a smile on her face. However, Stacey doubts herself when her close friend, Emily, is engaged. Stacey wants more from her life. She wants a real relationship. She wants someone to connect to.

Stacey decides to send a message on-line to her past hook-up named Dex Maclean. She hopes that a correspondence will lead the two to a more meaningful relationship between them.

However, the truth is that the person who writes back to Stacey is not the person that she believes it to be. The question is: how will Stacey deal with this revelation? Will the true man-in-question be the type-of-guy that she is truly looking for? It is a true Cyrano do Bergerac type-of-situation.

“Well Played” was a great book. Stacey has her own voice and her own story in this novel. Stacey is a smart and a fiesty woman hidden beneath a facade of laughter and of fun.

The drama is great in this book. Stacey goes through many ups-and-downs in her relationship with the-man-behind-the-screen. It is also a story of a woman who wants more from her life than what she has in front of her. It is a story of a woman who tries to create her own real “happily ever after.”

The one down side to this book is that I think that Stacey deserves to be woo-ed more than she was by the man-in-question. Stacey is a strong woman but a little chivalry is something that I think many women can appreciate.

There is one more added thing that makes this book a fun read. In this novel, we get to see a little bit of Emily and Simon. Emily and Simon are the main couple in the first installment of this series. It is great to see them again and to see how the two are doing together.

“Well Played” is a great romance novel with a fun Renaissance Fair background. It is sweet, fun, and filled with great banter between the two main characters. I give this book a 4-star rating.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London

12 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… “Well Played””

  1. I have read Well Met. I loved it. I haven’t heard of this book until now. I think it’s time for me to give it a shot.


  2. I loved the book, “Well Met.” I am happy to see that there are other books written in the Willow Creek world. I will check this out.


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