My thoughts and opinions on… “Beautiful Creatures”


The newest book that I have read is named, “Beautiful Creatures.” The authors of the novel are two women named Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

“Beautiful Creatures” is a book about a girl named Lena Duchannes. Lena moves into the town of Gatlin, North Carolina. In this new town she meets the love of her life named Ethan Wate.

The two are inexplicably drawn to each other. However, something separates that two. Lena is a “Caster.” That means that she is a witch with strange powers.

A shadow hovers over Lena. She fears that on her sixteenth birthday she will be Claimed as a “Dark Caster” despite her own volition. And if that happens she will be parted from Ethan forever.

I really loved this book. I was drawn into the mystery, the magic, and the love between Lena and Ethan. This book is all about the love between the two characters. Ethan tries desperately to figure out a way for him and for Lena to be together… despite another thing that impedes the two’s relationship… the town’s fear and hatred toward Lena.

There is also a prophecy that says that Lena must turn into a Dark Caster on her sixteenth birthday. Ethan tries everything he can to stop that from happening. His love for Lena encompasses everything… he doesn’t listen to the murmurings of the townspeople, the prophecy that looms above the two… instead, he focuses on being with Lena despite-it-all.

Another thing that is great about this book is the cast of characters in it. Each character is rich and filled with life. There is Lena’s uncle named Macon Ravenwood. Macon is Gatlin’s town recluse. However, he loves Lena and is a good man despite everything. He tries his best to protect Lena and to be there for her.

Another bigger-than-life character is Lena’s cousin. Her name is Ridley. Ridley was Claimed as a Dark Caster on her own sixteenth birthday. Lena feels that she will be forced to follow the same path as Ridley regardless of what Lena wants for herself.

Ridley is dark and dangerous. She causes problems for Lena and for Ethan in the town. Ridley wants Lena to become a Dark Caster like her. She wants to separate Lena and Ethan from one another forever. And she doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

I think you will like this book if you love books like Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Divergent. This book is similar to those books. It is a book about love and about destiny… with a bit of magic and mystery thrown in.

I give this book a 5-star rating. I loved it.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London


12 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… “Beautiful Creatures””

  1. I have seen this movie but I didn’t know it was a book until now. I need to pick this up. Nice one.


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