My thoughts and opinions on… So, This is Christmas


So, This is Christmas is a great book that I read just in time for Christmas.  So, This is Christmas is a romance novel by the woman named Tracy Andreen. 

So, This is Christmas is all about a girl named Finley Brown.  Finley just returned from her new boarding school in Connecticut named Barrington.  Finley doesn’t know if she’ll return.  Surprisingly, one thing does return home with her… her classmate named Arthur Chakrabarti Watercress.  Arthur learns all about Finley’s hometown named Christmas, Ohio from a website that Finley docters.  She wants her hometown to look as quaint and as picturesque as its name… and, unexpectedly, the website catches Arthur’s eye enough that he decides to spend Christmas in Christmas, Ohio with his aunt.

There are many great things that I enjoyed in this novel.  I liked Finley a lot.  Finley is a smart and a caring young lady.  She is used to being at the top of the academic hierarchy in her hometown; however, things are different at Barrington.  This doesn’t stop Finley from being smart. 

Finley also has a kind heart.  She deals with many difficult things while she is home for the Christmas holiday.  Her mom left home to spend time with her friends in another state.  Finley knows that this may mean that “divorce” looms somewhere in the future for her parents.  Her old best-friend named Mia is also dating her ex-boyfriend named Brody Tuck. Finley doesn’t know how to feel about this.

Arthur’s visit to Christmas, Ohio seems horrible to her at first.  However, Finley and Arthur slowly get to know each other. And, eventually, they slowly get to like each other.

Arthur is serious, polite, and posh.  At first, Finley doesn’t know how to take his serious attitude.  However, as the two spend more time together Finley discovers how kind and how thoughtful Arthur can be.  Finley and Arthur belong together… and you feel relief and joy when they finally do end up together.

Another fun thing about this book are the descriptions of Finley’s hometown.  Christmas, Ohio is a small town that tries to do Christmas right… even if some things aren’t as great as they appear in Finley’s doctered town website.  However, the people in Christmas, Ohio have charm and spirit.  The town seems like a place I would love to visit one day if it were a real place.

The one thing that I disliked about the book is the relationship that Finley’s grandmother has with someone.  Finley’s grandmother is named Jo.  She seems like an uptight and a serious woman.  Her relationship came as a surprise to Finley and to me.  The relationship was definitely one of the negative things that I discovered in the book. That is the reason that I do not give this book a 5-star rating.

So, This is Christmas is a slow but a sweet romance.  Finley is a great main character. Arthur is a thoughtful guy.  This is a great book to read for the Christmas season if you are looking for a nice romance novel to read in between helpings of Christmas cookies and hot cocoa.

I give this book a 4-star rating.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London


12 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… So, This is Christmas”

  1. I have read this book and I agree with you. It’s really great with the exception of her grandmother’s new relationship.


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