My thoughts and opinions on… Well Matched


Well Matched is the third book in the Well Met series. Well Matched is a great novel written by a woman named Jen DeLuca.

Well Matched and this books predecessors are all about a specific friend-group in the town of Willow Creek. In this town, every summer there is a small but bustling Renaissance Fair that takes place. Many people in this friend-group volunteer and participate in the Fair. Volunteering at the Renaissance Fair is an act of love. They love the fun and the unique experience that the Willow Creek Renaissance Fair has to offer them.

In Well Met, a woman named Emily Parker joins the Willow Creek Renaissance Fair. This book, Well Matched, is about Emily’s sister.

Emily’s sister is named April Parker. She is a serious and a smart woman. April is at a crossroads in her life. April is a divorced woman with one daughter. Her daughter is about to go to college and April seriously considers the idea that she should move away from Willow Creek after her daughter leaves for school. And at the same time, April’s ex-husband wants to see her daughter for the first time in years. In the middle of all this, April’s friend named Mitch Malone asks April if she will act as Mitch’s girlfriend at one of Mitch’s family reunions. April agrees. The two are just friends at first. However, her ideas about Mitch change as things progress.

I really enjoyed this novel. In this novel, you get to learn more about April. April is different than her sister named Emily. She is a serious character. However, I still love April and was happy to get to know her. You only see April in bits and in pieces in the two earlier books in the Well Met series, so it is great to see the world from April’s eyes and from April’s perspective.

April Parker and Mitch Malone are two great characters in their own right… and the two are great together. Unlike the title of the book itself, April and Mitch don’t seem like they fit… at first. However, the two’s relationship blossoms as April and as Mitch spend more time together and as the two learn more about each other. You can see that the two are opposites. However, in this case the saying is true: Sometimes opposites attract.

Well Matched is another romance novel like the other two books in the Well Met series. I love the romance and the drama in this book. I love April and Mitch just as much as I love Emily and Simon from the other books. Additionally, I love the romance and the drama that happens around the Willow Creek Renaissance Fair. The Willow Creek Renaissance Fair is fun to be a part of for a little while as you eagerly flip the pages of this novel.

At the end of the day, I loved this books just like I loved Well Met. I love April and Mitch together. I love stepping into the world of the Willow Creek Renaissance Fair once again. I love the love and the romance.

So are you ready?

I give this book a 4-star rating.

There is one final book in this Well Met series. It is named Well Traveled. You can bet that I will need my next Willow-Creek-Fair-fix sometime soon. I will pick-up that book as soon as I can to check out the final chapter in the Willow Creek saga. Stay tuned for that book review.

Always with infinite love,
Selena London


12 thoughts on “My thoughts and opinions on… Well Matched”

  1. This book got me to go to a Renaissance Fair with my husband for the first time and I loved it. Nice post.


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